Giveaway – Dennis Scheel


The day has come for my third book, Rejecting Destiny to start its sweepstakes that run from today, lasting Oct 1st – 31th on GoodReads with the price of one of 50 copies on the digital e-book.

I have had sweepstakes on the first two books before on goodreads, so hoping the third goes just as well. At least regarding to interest, heh.

This third one was probably the hardest one to complete of the three and the most well-received in the beginning as well. It stood at this time with a 4,8 overall score at amazon or 5.0 out of six reviews on both of the sites. When I first began, I intended to end it with the third one, but as I continued it became obvious that adding a fourth would be needed. I started that after some deep thinking about if I should, already starting my Mars story. The feeling of needing to finish this remained. The fourth is at the first 20K words, my end of destiny for the series.

You can find the giveaway at;