Ready for reviews

It is finally complete—my third novel, which took an immense two years, where the first two only took one.

No Way Back– 78.000 words.

Taken with a Dark Desire– 98.000 words.

Rejecting Destiny– 135.000 words.

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kindle countdown deal

In preparation for the release of the sequel Rejecting Destiny, I’m putting Taken With a Dark Desire: The Underworlds up for a Kindle Countdown Deal on August 2nd to the 4th.

Having been selected as a finalist

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Rejecting Destiny ready!

I finally finished with writing Rejecting Destiny: The Underworld. And yes, I did say rejecting, as it changed from unrestful souls. After that, editing came… both times, heh, not to mention proofing and cover design.

Two years it took to finish this 135.000 novel. The first one only stood at 78k and the second at 98k, 135 was a significant increase Read more…