first 20k words in next novel – Dennis Scheel

first 20k words in next novel

The third novel of The Underworlds series is done and released, I’m getting into the fourth and maybe the final chapter of the series. My first 20.000 words of the first draft are finished, and I’ve got a good idea of what I have planned for the story at hand, minus a few ideas I may develop as I continue writing. I did get ideas as I went with the other books.

I still have hope it will be shorter than Rejecting Destiny, which took me two years to complete. The journey that started with going through writing the different drafts to editing and proofreading. The others were shorter. No Way Back, for example, took six months to write and eight months to edit, but I did go faster on the first one with the situation at hand. My ex had threatened to end the sweet life of mine, heh.

Moreover, I also had overgone the issue of being paralyzed from toe to face. After I recovered, I attempted. I wanted this done before it was to happen again… six years later and no signs it ever will, hopefully. 7-9-13, knock under the table as they say in Denmark. In the years that followed it, I learned a lot about writing and evolved to the extent that if I rewrote the first book, it would be done differently.

Before I decided on doing a fourth, I thought about just settling for what I had done. The plan was to move onto my Martian tale, which I began. I got a good beginning written down, but as I re-read it, the feeling of the Underworlds saga being incomplete lingered on. Therefore, I decided to make my fourth.

It will be a vastly different tale with a lot of things changing. Not all are ideas I had at first. I even got a new idea at 15.000 words in. An idea I really like that also fixed an issue I hadn’t got worked out in my thoughts. If it stays as I continue writing, that is