First and second draft of new book finished. – Dennis Scheel

First and second draft of new book finished.

After almost two years, too long, I know, I am finally approaching being done with my latest and last of the Underworlds stories, bringing the tale of Denida, Lucifer, God, and Gabriel, amongst others to a finale.

The finale one took a different route than I originally had intended, but I think that made it better. At least not as long as the last one, Rejecting Destiny, which was at 130.000. In editing, I am at 103 though.

  • First draft 95.000
  • Second draft 101.000

But editing goes in next so it could modify it in both directions, No Way Back, the fist one was at 107.000 but after editing it ended at 80.000 following cutting a lot of redundancy as well as add some events to make it flow better. Improving the story, essentially.


I had the idea of this story since I was eight, which got modified over the years and changed again when it finally came down on scribing it on paper in 2016. When I was a teenager, it was the only other time, I ever attempted to put it down on paper in a forty-page story of the same characters and world in my mother tongue, not in English. I never was able to complete that tale then, so didn’t tell the tale until 2016. Every attempt I had ended after the first few pages, so it will feel nice to finally wrap it up.