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kindle countdown deal


In preparation for the release of the sequel Rejecting Destiny, I’m putting Taken With a Dark Desire: The Underworlds up for a Kindle Countdown Deal on August 2nd to the 4th.

Having been selected as a finalist at NGIBA, with an overall rating of 4.5 on Amazon, it may hold interest if you like Dark Fantasy.



Never trust a deal with the Devil.

The Dark Lord, Lucifer wants Denida’s ring though he promised not to interfere in Denida’s world.

He sends Claus to kidnap Daniel to force Denida to trade.

Daniel tries to manipulate his capturers by telling the story of his Dad’s secret past to unsettle them.
Nina, Denida, and the Colonel use all the resources of the Underworlds to find Daniel.


Neither they nor the Devil knows there is another person interested in Daniel for their own reasons…


This one allowed me to tell the backstory of how Denida became to be through Daniel’s backstory.

This was just ideas of stories I held in my head for years until I finally got it written down. That part, at least.

I used to moderate on a site called back in the day. 2001-08, I think. A lot of the events then inspired parts of the final novel. Back there, I went by this name ‘Denida,’ who I always knew in my head to be the lead character in this tale, but I never got to tell the backstory until when I wrote this one.


If you do find it intriguing, I thank you and hope you like it 😊