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Ready for reviews

It is finally complete—my third novel, which took an immense two years, where the first two only took one.

No Way Back– 78.000 words.

Taken with a Dark Desire– 98.000 words.

Rejecting Destiny– 135.000 words.


Small yet vital. The difference shows in the proof! It feels great to be at the end of the saga. Or so I thought. The end is not here yet. While I wrote the third, I concluded that a fourth would be needed to finish the tale, hopefully not as long though, heh.


The cover’s all done, so all I have left is the book trailer and reviews.

Reviews are always the tricky part. The first one I ever received of reviews was an accidental find. I saw it was up. My heart was racing while I clicked it and it loaded. I prayed it wasn’t under two stars… when it finished loading, it was five. Guess I avoided the bullet that time…


As many people there are, just as many viewpoints there exist in our world. I’ve had both bad and good ones, but I always liked constructive feedback, so I try to get the best out of it and learn from it.


With the newest novel, Rejecting Destiny, I’m trying NetGalley for reviews. If anyone is interested and able to review, please try at;