Rejecting Destiny ready! – Dennis Scheel

Rejecting Destiny ready!

I finally finished with writing Rejecting Destiny: The Underworld. And yes, I did say rejecting, as it changed from unrestful souls. After that, editing came… both times, heh, not to mention proofing and cover design.

Two years it took to finish this 135.000 novel. The first one only stood at 78k and the second at 98k, 135 was a significant increase, but it was needed to tell my story. I’m happy to have it done finally!

The journey of writing this made me realize that I would need a fourth to finish the saga, even some great ideas as to what would occur, following the third one.

It got so huge that some parts fitted better into a fourth and final tale. Plus, I always loved the omen movies, so it will be intriguing to write.

One downside was I intended to write something else, my ‘Mars Warriors’ tale, I even got some great ideas for it and began writing, but the time wasn’t ripe… yet!

Here’s to hoping the fourth won’t become just as big, or take the same amount of time…

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