200 Poems. – Dennis Scheel

200 Poems.

Poetry! How I love the magic, there is in reading it, as well as writing it. You can tell a small tale, yet what you meant at first is not what it necessarily will be perceived as.

I always used to do it for my feelings, writing to get an outlet for them. There’s only one time I didn’t. I had an ex who discouraged me for ten years from doing it because she shattered my belief that I could do it, so when we broke up, I felt she shouldn’t be written about. Having a poem about my ex, even in a less pleasant way, was something she didn’t deserve! I did, however, make her a demon instead in a novel, heh.

All other times, I did. Writing novels also effected writing poetry for me.


I reached 200 poems at http://www.allpoetry.com/Denida. Are there more, sure. They are however too old and bad to mention though or in another language. To move forward, instead of back, is always a good thing. At the time before I could put my mind to write novels, I always wrote poems and enjoyed it too. It has always helped me, so here’s to another two hundred!

The one who got the most attention of my 200 was;


Pale Moon

O deep pale moon

answer me, why don’t you?

How you always gaze at me

every night, there you are,

watching me under the pale night

Always accompanied by

the twinkling starlight

lighting up the dark,

showing me a path

guided by a pale moon